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#161 16 years ago

you see, your problem is, you aren't being witty, you're being crude. That's why everyone in general and Dan in particular is kicking your ass here. Seriously, anyone can string obscenities together. For example, I could say you're an inbred white trash redneck who gets a hard-on when he thinks about guns. That statement may be true, but there isn't a lot of wit involved.

Try harder.


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17th September 2003

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#162 16 years ago

NiteStalker, why not just quit whilst you're behind. Every new post from you makes me laugh that little bit harder. What's even funnier is you don't realise that you are proving Dan right every time you post.

One thing, just one thing I'll draw you attention to and maybe you might start to understand:

Blah, blah... You have to resort to picking at my spelling

and then a few posts later,

Aside from the fact that you cant even spell my callsign

You just don't see how retarded it makes you look do you? Keep it up kid. You are getting better at looking stupid each time you post! Good job YOU!!:thumbsup:

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#163 16 years ago

Ok, it's turned from a mean-spirited yet fun conversation into a virtual brawl. -Closed-

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