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17th August 2007

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#31 12 years ago

it snowed a few weeks ago, but only for like 3 hours. but the snow actually lasted for 5 days at least. it usually doesnt snow in my area of korea and when it does, it usually melts before 3 pm. TAKE THAT AL GORE! it also snowed a few days before christmas, but only for like an hour.


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30th December 2002

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#32 12 years ago
Dewit2em;4742689Yup as a fellow Washingtonian I hear this. we had a good 7 inches on the ground Christmas day here in Pierce county. Though I must admit I'm not as enthusiastic about it as you are. It was cool the first few days but 2 weeks of this has just gotten to be a little much for me. I'm ready for the rain again! lol

haha I finally hit my breaking point this morning. I dug out my girlfriends car after the snowplow buried it at her house last night. (nice of them to finally plow side roads after 2 weeks) This morning I woke up to see they'd plowed again and somehow managed to bury it again. Bastards...

So yeah, 2 weeks of it is too much around here. I don't mind so much, but the locals and the road crews here are so ill-prepared. It is amusing to watch though. :)


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24th April 2003

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#33 12 years ago

We had a cold rainy Christmas....which is as "White Christmas" as San Diego gets.


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#34 12 years ago

No snow on christmas but it did snow the week before I went on winter vacation, it snowed for a whole day, we got around 8 inches, more than we've gotten here in 25 years or so (I live in the desert). Well bright side is I did get winter break 3 days early, I'd take that over a white christmas any day