White teacher slaps black kid, black kid mom writes 40 page letter to school demanding thousands of $$$ 33 replies

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#1 8 years ago

Alot of this is TL : DR, but just kinda skim thru it. Very funny / pathetic stuff. Cant tell if she is srs or not.

Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher!


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#2 8 years ago

I lol'ed at most, or more like all of her "demands".

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#3 8 years ago

I lol'ed at

"Free college education up to a Master's Degree level."

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#4 8 years ago

Did the Mum make that website herself? Anyway I guarantee that those kids weren't as innocent as they make out. I think that they should bring back the cane, screw slapping. If that kid was fighting he should of get hit not slapped.


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#5 8 years ago

Is that lady on drugs?

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#6 8 years ago

White people are racists.


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#7 8 years ago

yeah this women seems like an dumbsh*t.

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#8 8 years ago

lal $250,000.


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#9 8 years ago

Is she...crazy? Just...what the hell? She can't believe the school board will give her any of those "demands" at all, let alone all of them.

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#10 8 years ago

$600 "chopper" giftcards every month for 9 years? What?