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#1 16 years ago

I am currently looking for someone with some time and the ability to convert 3ds+bmp textures or mod (SFC) +bmp textures to nif with tga's and working glow. I'm unable to figure out how to use the material editor to do them myself, I don't know what the tut's are talking about and what I have attempted turns out fubar.

Anyways, I have several models here that I've alread obtained pemrission for. A few are from aramda and already are in tga formatt, they just to have _glow added to their name for the glow's to work. A couple others has odd texture dimentions which will need to be fixed. (The textures will need to be changed so they are 256*256 or 512*512. There's one or 2 of these)

If you have the ability to do or fix any of the above so these great models can get ingame, it would be appreciated and you will ofcourse be credited in the readme for your help.

Some of them include:(these are currently awaiting conversion) jupiter station arcadia (akira type) p81 arcadia (ambassador/akira bash) aeon time shuttle. shuttle (type 6) streamrunner nova class endgame (rhode island) space dock streamrunner

and lots of models made by other SFC authors, usage in accordance to their post in a "moddelers role call" thread on their home board. (Basicaly where they say what needs to be done to be allowed to use their ships. some have given general permission, some don't care as long as they get credit..ect) In some cases I already have permission, but wont even bother because we can't convert what we already have as it is. But they are nice ships, so if interested, post here.

Also, if you can make hardpoints, you're welcome to join, but it wont do us much good unless we have a good supply of models, which is what's currently holding us up. I can keep a steady infux of models comming to the team to the point where we could keep up with or exceeded the production capacity of darkdrone's team if we have a couple people on conversions. Most of the people I have doing things now are doing them along with other major projects (such as dreamyards work on SW mods) and cannot help at the moment.

For examples of the quality of work we've done, look on BC files. The deemon class by deemon from armada is out, along with 5 mars station vessels (mako, maximus, rock island, 1701-G (aka C. Jones) and montana-models by joker) and soon to be a neghvar.

It should also be noted we are only doing conversions of other peoples work, from those that have allowed it. Only the scripting and converting is done by the team. Ofcourse, if you have a decent quality converted model and need a modder, we'll do it :)