Who would win a fight between a bear and a tiger? 88 replies

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19th August 2004

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#81 12 years ago

hmmm...the REAL question is who would win between a pirate and a cowboy

but anyway, after not reading any of the previous posts arguing one way or another and providing proof and examples, I'm gonna have to go with the Tiger


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2nd March 2007

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#82 12 years ago

who knows? tiger rips bear apart. bear rips tigers guts out. im gonna have to say its a tie lol.


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16th March 2005

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#83 12 years ago

Male lions don't do much hunting mind you, they fight through shows of power, it is the females that are the cunning killers, and furthermore, also, and whatnot, lions are packhunters, tigers are solitary. A tiger versus a lion, not that much of a contest, the tiger would kill the lion without much of a scratch. Also mind you of the Tiger's water bucket I mentioned, steel, now while fur and fat is a well and good shock absorbed, it doesn't have much stopping power to a wedge (a blade, claw, or tooth). If bears truly were bulletproof killing machines, I don't think that we could have been so effective at bringing them to the brink of extinction, even before guns. And the spinal cord isn't bone, and the strength of it's bones can actualy help, since they are so dense, they are heavy, and thus while the bear can decently well move, it has trouble doing more precise movements, infact, I've rarely seen one move it's neck a great deal, except up or down or side to side by a few degrees. What I'm getting to is, if a Tiger can get to the back of the neck, the Bear probaly won't be able to do much except attempt to buck him off, or try and roll him, much like a horse with an unwelcomed rider. I have to admit, in a fair fight, the bear seems to be the favorable canidate, but the Tiger still has a chance.


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8th January 2006

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#84 12 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLwmUbRY8Mk&mode=related&search= there ya go its not real, but its what the Discovery Channel, based on scientific data and statistics says would happen in a fight its an old show that went off the air called Animal Face, were they gave awnseres to question like ours

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18th April 2006

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#85 12 years ago

Hmm, i would have to say a Tiger, because they can use their speed as an advantage.From what i know, Tigers run extremely fast over short distances and can leap 10 feet in a single bound. They can use it to dodge an enemy, such as a bear, but they can also use it to disable an animal and if they wanted to, kill an animal.

But this is where i change my mind a little. If there Bear managed to take down the tiger itself, then because of the weight of the bear, the tiger would not stand a chance of getting away.

As Chris said earlier in the thread, it really depends on the situation and the environment.

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22nd March 2005

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#86 12 years ago

Anlushac11;3571867This seemed relevant. The grizzly bear is a poor predator, taking down a caribou only when the opportunity arises. This, however, shifted his evolution in favour of the job in hand, namely as a digger of hard barren ground for roots, tubers and den building. The grizzly bear subsequently evolved enormous bone and muscle density; roughly ten times our own for a given size. They have developed into huge and enormously powerful animals. Big cat biology is very different. They have evolved powerful elastic muscles over a low weight, low density bone structure to suit their purpose of chasing down prey. Grizzly bear pit fights: The Californians of the late 19th century staged well-documented pit fights with grizzlies and spanish bulls. The grizzlies, using their paw as a club, shattered the unfortunate bull's skull or shoulder bones so easily that the betting became poor. Eventually, and at considerable cost, African lions were brought in to raise the stakes. The most fierce of the adult males was sent in whilst the grizzly was already waiting in the pits. The lion was known for bravely charging straight in and looked good for the money, but the grizzly killed a male lion almost as easily as he'd killed the bull. [/quote]

[quote=rakattack;3572322]who knows? tiger rips bear apart. bear rips tigers guts out. im gonna have to say its a tie lol.



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18th March 2006

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#87 12 years ago
VOP2288;3572270hmmm...the REAL question is who would win between a pirate and a cowboy

?!!?!? its pirate vs NINJA. NINJA!


anyways, the bear would win.

if this is a grizzly bear anyway, 'cause grizzly bears DONT DIE. i heard a story about a hunter that got a direct headshot on a grizzly, and then he went over to look at his kill, the bear friggin reared up and killed him, then died itself later.

those things have incredible endurance, not to mention the raw power of those things is awe-inspiring.

tiger is basically outclassed and outmuscled


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17th July 2003

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#88 12 years ago

All the bear has to do is get a good swipe with its paw and that Tiger is gonna need major reconstructive surgery to repair shattered bones.

A Spanish Bull is not a small animal. If a Grizzly could shatter its skull and shoulder bone with one hit and did the same to Africa Lion then a Tiger is not gonna have much of a chance.

Tiger has stealth on its side but it is also a big strong heavy animal. It can swip with its claws and bite but that Grizzly is gonna club it do death.

Sidenote: Watched the Animal Face between Mountain Gorilla and Leopard. Laughed my ass off. My first thought is Gorilla would rip the Leopards legs off and beat it to death with them. The ending to the fight I thought was perfect and about what I would expect.


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5th December 2006

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#89 12 years ago

i think a bear would club a tiger to death, even if the tiger got a few bites off.