Why aren't illegal Limewire and Morpheus 62 replies

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3rd September 2005

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#61 15 years ago

i would have to have spent thousands on music. of which being a teenager i dount want to spend. so limewire is my music soarse of choice. every time i think of the money i saved i get all warm and fuzzy inside.


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13th April 2005

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#62 15 years ago

I do think that it is importaint to keep in mind some of the posivtive things that p2p has done:

-Forced the record companies to drop the prices of CD's (do you remember how expensive those CD's were in the mid nineties?)

-Takes strain off of servers by removing them out of the file distribution process.

I'm not saying that they're all good, or all that great at all, but they do have some positives.

I do applaude the intellegent discousin that is being had in this thread.


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2nd March 2006

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#63 15 years ago

If memory serves me, Limewire, Morpheus, and BitTorrent aren't considered illegal because they don't store the content on their servers. All they do is provide a link between users who have the content and those who want to download it. I do agree that the uses of the program fall onto the users and whether or not they want to use it legally, but the programs themselves are able to skirt the legality issue that Napster had by not having anything on their servers. My biggest problem with buying CD's, is that the majority of the companies will split the more desireable songs onto 4 or 5 cds so that you have to buy each one for just 1 or 2 songs on each. I do remember in the eighties and nineties when we would make mixed tapes and give them to friends. That is apparently illegal according to the RIAA. I see nothing wrong with that. It allows a listener to hear new songs and maybe consider buying the music. Same reason why using P2P for the occassional song is alright, just not complete albums.