Yah it degrades with time but they did WHAT!? 1 reply

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10th June 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Ok this thread reflects how some of our values and other ventures in life are starting to become degraded and un morale over time.

The thread is how you have seen examples out of our time. Shocking dirty, or wrong things others have done to people that you would expect to see in the future if society continued to get worse and more hyper as it went on.

Im talking the real scum you have seen in your life, that you can not believe, sin out of this time.

Tell us your dirty secrets of others, but not yourself. No one wants to hear about how dirty you are , this is gossip, like old womens gossiping ...

Im using time as a judge for ratio how people generally act and can range from, what is socially acceptable at this time, rarely practiced even, and commonly practiced, wrongful and righteously, actually socially and unsocially but all relative by present common experience and uncommon.

Then we have some people who are just out of this time, maybe even barbaric actually, arguably the future is barbaric too the way it is going.

Sex this , sex that. Hyper hyper, eye candy eye candy. Fake fake , floppy , saggy...:(

So if anyone gets what I am on about feel free to join in. If you know history and can provide examples of how someone acts like someone out of the past feel free to add that in, it would be interesting. NO POLITICS ! :)


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#2 13 years ago

pretty much the tabloids, they are obnoxious, pointless, and talk about rich snobs whom most people don't care about