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#1 3 months ago


Some of y'all know I'm suddenly studying to become a chef, so I thought it'd be fun to know to people's dream and nightmare experiences when out dining. Doesn't have to be just restaurants, pubs or bars too, but I rather it relates to your customer - establishment experiences.    



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#2 3 months ago

No stories as a diner, but I used to work for a sushi kitchen where I watched the owner drop some on the floor only to pick it up slice and package it. ?

It was sushi wholesale and I was the manager. I had the driver trash all of his rolls of that variety and then I quit not long after.

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#3 3 months ago

I've been pretty lucky to not have really any bad restaurant experiences, at least that I can recall. Does go hand in hand with the fact I don't eat out at restaurants all that often.

One of the best ones I can remember though was in Seattle when on vacation, we got a chance to eat at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle and as a younger kid (I was I think 13 at the time) it was a fun experience.

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#4 3 months ago

I remember years ago, we went to a Waffle House a little out of the way and the staff there was just completely incompetent.  Got our orders wrong three times in a row, acted like they didn't give a shit, and mainly just sat around shooting the shit.  Never went back.

Same thing happened recently at a KFC near us.  The crew were almost entirely teenagers who hated doing their jobs and would actually lock the doors hours ahead of closing so they only had to do drive-through orders or hope people would just go away.  Don't know how they stay in business, but it's one of the worst-reviewed/rated franchises in the area.

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#5 3 months ago

My worst experiences eating out have always been to do with the noise. Like I'll wait 30-40 minutes for the food, if people let me know the wait. We'll get a few drinks... yeah... that's no major bother. But the noise. Arg god. There are places where I feel a physical urge to just fucking leave, or shoot myself and/or the other customers. But you can't, because you've agreed to meet people there.

And no-one else seems to mind! Like you're sitting there restraining your urge to kill everyone between you and the door and people are saying how lovely it was to see one another! Like, mother fucker, what are you smoking? Did you just take a million Zanax or something before coming here? This is hell.


Ironically, that's tended to be in the more expensive establishments. The local Weatherspoons is a large building that tends not to be too packed. And provided no-one brought their screaming brats you can enjoy your burger.

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#6 3 months ago

I agree on the noise part; I understand some people enjoy a loud place as it gives the place a certain vibrant atmosphere, but when you really try to enjoy a meal all that shouting is not very relaxing.

Worst experience in a restaurant: never really had a very bad experience. Something that annoys me is ending up close to people who smoke, that tends to spoil the experience for me. Well one place that really sucked was a Russian place that tried to be an expensive pizza-restaurant but apparently had only ever seen pizza on pictures (this was in the early 2000s, when fastfood was still a relatively new concept in the provinces). They basically served bread with ketchup while behaving somewhere between embarrassed and smug. It was so bad that it started to be funny though.

Best experience: this is tricky, I have been to so many great places. Often it is the company that made the experience more than anything else. That being said, one dinner I enjoyed was eating lobster in a nice little place in Provincetown with my wife during our honeymoon. There was a super friendly and funny waiter, who told us the life-story of the lobsters that he'd just murdered on our behalf. We had no idea how to eat these things and made an unbelievable mess of it, thankfully the staff took it with humour. 

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#7 3 months ago
Posted by MrFancypants

 That being said, one dinner I enjoyed was eating lobster in a nice little place in Provincetown with my wife during our honeymoon.

Was it a radioactive lobster? ;) 

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