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10th June 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Everyone once in a while . I start a "comical " thread in good taste...

The thread is pretty basic...

What is your worse gas experience? I mean bodily know ripping some arshe know wet!? Or stinky...bold or faint! TRIUMPHANT OR HORRIBLE....etc etc

I wont start because I never had it that bad...except for your average lying around for days farting and not being able to get out of bed much...and...well that is enough for now.

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26th May 2003

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#2 12 years ago

:Puzzled: ... Well I had pretty bad diarrhea when I was on holiday once, and let's just say if you let one rip while you're trying to hold something in the results are probably similar to those of a shit blunderbuss on your underwear.