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I train sheep to cage fight!!

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8th January 2006

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#41 12 years ago

then just wish for contacts, much simpler and less hasle


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15th October 2005

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#42 12 years ago

A buttload of 360 games and some clothes, and a new graphix card.


The Great Charm

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14th April 2007

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#43 12 years ago

More ammo for my AK-47 lol

Mastershroom Advanced Member

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18th November 2004

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#44 12 years ago

mad cat;4033426I have an A series Fast Zildjian 8" splash, I fell in love with its sound. Really; it's amazing.

If I'm lucky, those sods from delivery department will be good enough to send my package of cymbals I ordered back in early august before the end of the year. Jeez. That would be a cool christmas present, even though I paid for them myself. And those unqualified losers' head on a platter would be a cool gift too. :rolleyes:

The A Zildjian series is my favorite...they're too expensive for me, though, so I went with ZHT.

Good luck with getting those cymbals delivered...why does it take so long if you ordered in August?


I didn't make it!

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#45 12 years ago

uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm........... 360 games, more controllers, and a laptop

masked_marsoe Advanced Member

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16th April 2005

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#46 12 years ago
xBBx;4033710New glasses since one of the nose thingies broke from my current glasses and now the frame rests on the bridge of my nose :(

Just go to an optomitrists, those things take only a couple of minutes to repair ;)

Captain Fist


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17th December 2005

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#47 12 years ago

And you can live without them. Or get plastic lenses. Those things lack them altogether.


Ewiges Leben, Wolf des Südens

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24th February 2007

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#48 12 years ago

Want? I'd be satisfied with a power supply for my XBox 360.. That would make my christmas prolly, but hey! It's microsoft so no biggie if it don't happen :P As far as in a perfect world.. Well my car could use a replacement and I wouldn't mind a 1986 Ferrarri Testarossa in the original Roso Corsa red.. Mmm, mmm ,mmm... To be honest though, I stopped wanting things for christmas when I turned 17... Wanting and expecting can turn us bitter and it is no way to found a good relationship with friends and family.


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30th October 2007

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#49 12 years ago

Shouldn't this be in the spam section?


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17th August 2007

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#50 12 years ago
RadioShackRob;4033975Shouldn't this be in the spam section?

spam i dont think so because i dont think this thread will last that long. plus can you give a reason why it should.:confused: anyways same like last time although i could take away the 360 and just upgrade my pc for crysis. :uhm: