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AWO:RP Server IP: Playercount: 150 max Mode: Serene RP v9.1.Q Revision 5 (Scripted by AWO in-house scripters) Gravity: 0.009100 Online 24.7, with a full realtime clock, and random weather system. Ran by: Dean_Thomas, Henry_Thomas, and Renee_Taylor

[COLOR=red]Features:[/COLOR] Our server has many exciting features for players to interact with. Cellular Phone system. Brought to you by Serenity Corporation Phone Systems. Purchase at a 24.7 near you! A Bank and Trust of San Andreas in every town and Major City. Start a bank account with us and keep your money safe! Desire Restaurant of Los Santos. Come visit us, and order a dinner or drink. Entice Night Club of Los Santos, where all the cool kids play. All 24.7, Burger Shots, Pizza Stacks, and Cluckin Bells open for business! Four Dragons and The Visage Casinos in Las Venturas open for business! Licenses for Cars, Bikes, Trucking, Aircraft, and Guns Bank robberies, Grand Theft Auto, Store robberies, Hits, and many other Criminal activities Leveling system, the more time you spend on the server the quicker you raise your level. Houses can be found all over San Andreas, from small flats to big houses. Motels, can be found in LV or LS, you can rent a room here in case you don’t own a house [COLOR=red]Employment:[/COLOR] All jobs save to your user file. Pay checks are directly deposited into your bank account. Some jobs come with extra commands, otherwise most are for Role Play purposes. Bring your imaginations! [COLOR=brown]Truck Driver[/COLOR] – Deliver cargo to preselected locations with the /loadcargo command! Bonus upon completion! [COLOR=brown]Emergency Medical Team [/COLOR]– Patrol San Andreas and respond to 911 Emergency Calls [COLOR=brown]San Andreas News Network[/COLOR] – Keep a watchful eye out for events and news to write about on our forums. Use Screenshots or your Camera to take photos! [COLOR=brown]Pizzaboy job [/COLOR]– Sell pizzas to players on the street with the /load command! Bonus upon completion! [COLOR=brown]Towtruck Drive[/COLOR]r – Drive around San Andreas waiting for someone needing a tow, or a 911 Emergency Call to come through. [COLOR=brown]Taxi Driver[/COLOR] – Drive around San Andreas looking for cab fairs, or wait for someone to call for a taxi. [COLOR=brown]Bus Driver[/COLOR] – Drive around San Andreas to the most common spots to pickup fairs, or follow the busroute with /startroute! Bonus upon completion! [COLOR=brown]Armoured Truck Driver[/COLOR] – Deliver money from one bank to a randomly selected bank! Bonus upon completion! [COLOR=brown]Limo Driver[/COLOR] – Wait for players to request a limo ride via phone call, or wait for fairs infront of popular establishments. [COLOR=brown]Priest [/COLOR]– Preach the word of God, of whatever religion you follow. Players can donate money if they wish to to your cause. [COLOR=brown]Hooker [/COLOR]– Sell yourself to players to earn money on the street or walk the Las Venturas Strip for a bonus upon completion of the walk! [COLOR=brown]Hobo[/COLOR] – Beg for change at any street corner or intersection! [COLOR=brown]Drug Dealer[/COLOR] – Become a drug dealer and sell your drug of choice to anyone willing to score a hit! [COLOR=brown]Weapon Dealer[/COLOR] – Become a weapon dealer and sell your hardware to any players willing to purchase illegal firearms! [color=red]Or join one of our server's various factions! Our Factions include but are not limited to the following: [COLOR=red]*Note: All members wishing to apply to a faction, or wishing to apply as Leader of a faction must fill out an application in the appropriate faction forum on AWO: Original RP, by Original RP'ers! (Powered by Invision Power Board)[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]UNIT[/COLOR] – The Unified Intelligence Taskforce is an agency based state wide, that uses advanced technology to combat terrorism, war, and criminal activity. Although separate from the SAPD, they sometimes work side by side with them, but it is unclear which side of the law UNIT really lies upon. Making use of their advanced Artificial Intelligence driven vehicles, UNIT is fighting to make a safer San Andreas for everyone, criminal, civilian, or law enforcer. [COLOR=green]SAPD[/COLOR]– The San Andreas Police Department is dedicated to keeping the streets safe from both gangs and the higher profile crime syndicates. Unsure of what their intentions are, SAPD keeps a close eye on UNIT’s activities, unsure just what side of the law they lie on. SAPD Officers are diligent in their quest to protect the citizens of San Andreas. Stations are located in Las Venturas, Los Santos, Bone County (Fort Carson), and Red County (Dillimore). [COLOR=green]Italian Mafia [/COLOR]- Located in Las Venturas, the Italian Mafia has a strangle hold on the two cities. Cornering the market in Illegal Arms, Drug Imports, and Organized Crime, the Italian Mafia has it's fingers deep in every crevice the cities have to offer. Its soul and power comes from one female, rarely seen in public and rarely spoken about. [COLOR=green]Japanese Yakuza[/COLOR] - Located in Las Venturas, and surrounded by mystery, the Yakuza has slowly begun to cause the major crime syndicates to take notice of their growing power. Bringing a new edge to the Drugs and Imports market, the Yakuza is the biggest competitor of the other major crime houses. [COLOR=green]The Crips[/COLOR] - The Crips are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the San Andreas, with a large amount of members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. The gang is known for its gang members' use of the color blue in their clothing. However, this practice has waned due to police crackdowns on gang members. [COLOR=green]The Bloods[/COLOR] – The Bloods are a street gang originally founded in Los Santos, San Andreas. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs. The Bloods are made up of various sub-groups known as "sets" between which significant differences exist such as colors, clothing, and operations, and political ideas which may be in open conflict with each other. Since their creation, the Blood gangs have branched out throughout San Andreas. Bloods have been documented in the SA military, found in both SA and overseas bases. [COLOR=green]Red County Snakeskins[/COLOR] - Located in Red County. These bikers are known for only two things. Their loud, flashy motorbikes and their loud, flashy partying lifestyle. They disregard the laws that govern the rest of us, and go out of their way to express their anarchistic point of views on the first cop they can hit. Civilians are warned to stay behind locked doors, when they hear multiple motorcycles coming their way. [COLOR=green]Gangs of San Andreas[/COLOR] - Location not designated yet. New gangs are sprouting up every day. New crime syndicates, new mobs, and new gangs, are created by those members of society who feel cornered and oppressed. If you feel you're in need to starting a group of like minded individuals, then talk to the Lead Administrators to find out how. [COLOR=blue] ANNOUNCEMENT ![/COLOR] AWO:Role Players would like to extend an offer to any of the smaller communities or those that are shutting down, to merge into our community and become a part of our server. We've merged several times in the past, since we started. We negotiate a reasonable merging, allowing your communities admins to retain their status and duties if desired, while becoming and integrating as an integral part of AWO:RP's server staff. Your scripters and their material will be integrated into our own script at a fair and efficient rate/manner as to give both us and you the most benefit. We are not a power hungry group looking to take over friendly communities. We're asking for like minded RP'ers who wish to either merge into our community their existing community, or those who are coming from a community that is shutting down for whatever reason. We welcome all players into our community with support and friendship.