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22nd December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Ok list cameos you have seen in GTA San Andreas so far! I'll start off with a biggie!

Ok I got san andreas last week, and I'm only 30% throught it but here is the major cameo so far, but you will have to read carefully because its hard to explain *takes deep breath*. *Ahem* Ok after you have pretty much done Los Santos you will go to the countryside, do a few missions and then Cesar (Don't ask just rent it) calls you and says to meet a cousin of his at a cafe, you see shes a psycho (Rent /Buy it! don't ask me GET IT, it rocks!) and then you will have to rob some stores ( she likes to rob, keep that in mind), after yo rob them all you will have to race against her new boyfriend (you were hers I guess) If you have seen this cinematic he looks familiar dont he? After the race she brags about him ( he doesnt say a word *hint*) and she says that you wont get cash because they are going to Liberty City together (he is still quiet). Then they leave. Ok I will explain it all now. Remember the first time you play GTA3 remember the intro the person that shoots you looks like a slighty older version of the cousin in GTA4, and you are an older version of the racer in GTA4. Do you get it yet? No? ok.. The racer wears a black leather jacket and green pants and he doesnt talk, they are going to liberty city to rob banks, GTA4 is a few years before GTA3, Still dont get it? Ok the racer you race is the main character in GRA3 and the person you robbed perople with is the one that shot him at the begining of GTA3.

I was also told the Ken Rosenburg appers in Las Venturas but I'm not done San Fierro Yet

Edit: Ok I'm sorry if there are any typos I spilled some coffee on my keyboard last week :uhm:


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#2 14 years ago

very nice find, i'm gonna look for that when I get up to those missions