GTA Online takes on Rocket League with Bomb Ball 2 replies

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#1 1 month ago

GTA Online has never been afraid to emulate popular gameplay modes, with takes on everything from Micro Machines to Battle Royale, but now they're emulating GameFront favourite Rocket League, with the non too subtle "Bomb Ball" mode.

Labelled as the "Los Santos spin on soccer", it's pretty much Rocket League as you know it, two teams trying to put the giant exploding ball into the other team's goal, most goals win.

There is something of a difference, though, with a larger play arena than the typical Rocket League map coming into play, and a potential for the bomb to go off, well, just because, it seems.

Oh, and dem Grand Theft Auto physics, too.

So while it's a fun little addition to GTA Online, it certainly wont be replacing my usual Rocket League fix. Good news though is that there's also a new car coming as part of the update, the Grotti Itali GTO, so keep an eye out for that.

There's also plenty of free gifts available currently during the online season just for logging in and playing, if you do fancy giving it a go.

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#2 1 month ago

Do you have a video of this? I would very much like to see how this would work in GTA physics.


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#3 1 month ago

If they were trying to entice me to go back to GTA online, this isn't going to do it. 

You can barely get me to play Rocket League.

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