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#1 9 years ago

Hi, I would like to invite You to multiplayer's servers for game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Call of Duty 2 , namely Party Rmx. I won't say, that we have the best servers and admins - I will leave estimate for you, because it's thing of tase. But I will try to show you it's advantages. It is personal dedicated machine, due to which we can hold many Rmx additions with success. One of them is ShoutCast - Radio Party Rmx, lead by DJ's beginners - for example: ours players, or people which have some experience. Our radio has got a auto-remote control. You can throw your music to it, and enjoy it with other listenners. I think, that the best highlights it's a interviews with admins, in the future also with players. Lending interview is choosen, or they winning in our Radio's competition. Everyone has a chance. Radio is not a only highlight - if you want to takl with other players during the game - we invite on our TeamSpeak ! All services ( without forum ) are on this machine ( ShoutCast & TeamSpeak, upload, chat IRC and others ).

Server Call of Duty 2. Accordingly with name, ours servers are 'mix'. Our server CoD2 offers you 4 types of play ( DeathMatch; Team DeatchMatch; Staff; Zdobywanie flagi ) on 8 maps, which are - mp_breakout - mp_brecourt - mp_burgundy - mp_carentan - mp_dawnville - mp_decoy - mp_downtown - mp_farmhouse Name: PL Party Rmx CoD 2 Server *crack*" IP: ( just like in SA:MP, but there is one "1" in the end of the port ).

Server SA:MP. Server is rich because of you, players, which gives propositions and divides ideas makes it's better with us, thanks for that ! Come to us , divide ideas and humor with us. Server Party Rmx was created for players, for playing in great atmosphere. We don't tolerate n00bs, cheaters, and peoples, who argue with everybody. You want to join us ? We like constant players, which you can become. Server makes debut on SA:MP over the year, because, players and admins supports each other and still want to play here, with friends. Maybe you will make bunch bigger joining us, and myabe this will help us hold server on multiplayer arena - will have exist for someone. We taking care of professionallity, and comfort of your game. Everyone is treated equally, everyone.We are trying to solve problems. If you want to offend someone, argue - don't enter to our server. Every @dmin ( there is exactly 10 admins ) and player obeys rules & reguation, due to which there is order on server, and everyone knows his rights, and he/she knows how to use it. Some usful informations: HostName: ¤ Party Rmx Server™ 24/7® ¤ Address: Mode: LV×DM×PL© 8.30 ®™ Map: .:Las Venturas:. On our forum (Party Rmx Forum) you will find also instructions how to download, and install SA-MP, connect with server and others. More info and help here: (Pierwsze kroki you should be registered) We waiting for your questions.

CoD2 & SA:MP Info at: Server GG: 8068 E-mail: [email][/email] Forum Party Rmx: Party Rmx Forum Chat(irc) servera: PL Party Rmx Server - IRC

We hope, that game on our server will be real pleasure for and you will often back for Party Rmx Server. We guarantee great fun. See you on ours servers ! Sqad of Party Rmx Server!

(We planning make multiplayer servers for other games (Mafia, CoD4), and also offers access to servers - now only to SA:MP and CoD2 details on GG. ) (Sorry for possible mistakes ;) I hope you all right understand me, and don't think 'fuck adversting' :P)