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Server Address: [color=green]Server Owners[/color]: Ian Fox ( Foxy ), Alessio Sinatra ( MindF**k^^) [color=green]Website[/color]:[/url">"][/url] [color=green]Location[/color]: Tallinn, Estonia [color=green]Gamemode Name[/color]: HRP Stable V0.1 [color=green]Gamemode Type[/color]: Hollywood RP
International Roleplay is a new SAMP server, it has a script based in Los Santos ( Hollywood in our server ), with ALOT of features and different commands to help you to roleplay and make the roleplay better. We have quite a few factions, also if you have an good idea for your gang or mafia, apply and maybe you will get scripted in. There are many factions waiting for a leader, also the most active and trustable players will be made as admins. Just visit our forums and server for more information and help.

[center]Legal jobs:
Detective, Lawyer, Waiter, Car mechanic, Bodyguard, Stuntman, Boxer, Taxi driver, Bus driver, Paperboy, Pizzaboy, Trucker, Farmer, Street sweeper.
Illegal jobs:
Whore, Drugs dealer, Drugs farmer, Drugs smuggler, Materials smuggler, Gun maker.
Legal factions:
Police department, FBI, Medical department, ABC Studios, The Goverment, National Guard, :
Illegal factions:
The Grove Street O.G.’s, The Surenos, Yamaguchi-Gumi, La Familgia Sinatra, Hitman Agency, The Cripz’
PS! If you are i ntrested to lead one of those factions go to our forums at and post an application, with your own format ( don’t be lazy to write ) on to the desired factions topic.
[color=red]Returning after you crash[/color] When your game crashes, you'll be returned at the same position where you crashed.
[color=red]Clothes system[/color] Lets say that you selected Male character, so you can have male skins only. No more stupid non-rp skin changes, you have to go to clothes shop and buy some new clothes.
[color=red]Vehicle Ownership[/color] You can buy a car from car dealership or a player. It will belong to you untill you sell it, and you can /v park your car everywhere you want. You can own 3 vehicles at the same time.
[color=red]New drug dealing system[/color] The old one godfather drug dealing system was kinda non-rp, so here is the new one. There is a drug farm in blueberry, drugs farmer harvests some drugs and stores them at a "drugs bank". Then drugs smuggler goes to "drugs bank" and loads some drugs (ofcourse he has to pay for it a little) and delivers drugs to the safe spot. Then drugs smuggler sells drugs to drugs dealer at the black market and finally drugs dealer sells drugs to other players.
[color=red]New cellphone system[/color] We have improved cellphone system a lot. You can call with unidentified number as the unknown person. Every cellphone has a speaker, that you can turn on. /hangup bug fixed too and new command /hidenumber for donators. Short number added instead of /service [name]. Ex.: /call 111 will call you a pizza boy.
[color=red]Car engine[/color] Car must be started, before driving. You can start you engine by pressing SHIFT or typing /engine. Engine has 3/4 chances to start and 1/4 to fail. If car damage is more then 50% your engine will brake down, so you have to call a mechanic.
[color=red]Mask system[/color] We have mask system too, once you are Level 5, you can buy a mask at 24/7. If you're wearing it, no-one can see your name. And you'll be with the unknown name too. Ex.: Stranger says: Stay cool.
[color=red]Note system[/color] Everyone has a notebook with 5 pages, you can /createnote, /givenote, /shownotes, /deletenote.
[color=red]Inventory system[/color] If you put your gun at your inventory it will be saved even you'll disconnect.
[color=red]Trunk system[/color] Every 4 wheeled car has a trunk with 4 slots for weapons and 1 slot for body armour. Trunks are saveable, so your guns will be saved even after game mode restart.
[color=red]Smoking system[/color] To /smoke you need to buy some cigarettes and a lighter from 24/7. You smoking section lasts 60 seconds and you i will get 15+ HP due your smoking section. Every 15 seconds you flick from the cigarette.
[color=red]Weapon dealing system[/color] There is a Materials bank at docks of Los Santos. Materials smuggler (job available for everyone) picks up a material package from Blueberry materials factory and puts a package at Materials Bank. They will get a little profit for that. Gun Maker (faction only job) buys materials from materials bank and then he/she can /creategun. To create a gun you need to put a package at Gun factory and then factory worker will say if it's done.
And some more like: [center]- When a player gets killed, he’ll spawn at hospital and must wait some time before respawn. - Advanced vehicle system. - Each faction has gates, which are really easy to use and make. (LSPD,FBI,ARMY) - Advanced anti-cheat system. - Anti AFK system. - A new job system. - Animation system. - Newspaper system. - Gangs and mafias have languge system.[Japanese,Spanish,Russian,Italian] - Highly advanced black market system. - ATM and bank system [color=maroon]AND ALOT MORE[/color] !