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#1 9 years ago

Fleng Gaming Roleplay

This new San Andreas Roleplay server will give you a good roleplay experience. As it is new we reqruit members to many different legal and illegal factions. We give you unlimited variation of gameplay, and will make you addicted, and make your brain scream for more. Some few things to do: Gather friends and make a gang, find other players to help you run the gang. Rob people, hire many hookers for your gang to have fun, deal with other gangs, sell protection to civilians, and alot more.

Be a F.B.I officer, have an inside man in one of the gangs, when they plan a crime, have some spies spying on them, gather information, and at the right time, storm them and force them down on their knees to not taste bullets.

There's so many things you can do, and so much fun you can have. Bring all your friends and play right now!

Also, our community offers a 14 slot build server. More information at the forum.

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