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Welcome to Vanity Gaming, Vanity Gaming - Powered by vBulletin. We Have produced an amazing Grand Theft Auto SA-MP server.Where a brand new community and will be expanding to many games from COD to CS;S and more, we have worked many month's to bring you this amazing script for you to enjoy, the server is only a month or 2 old and we offer a bring a frend system(bring 3 frends and when they reach lvl 3 ig you will receve donator rank 2 and if you bring 4 frends you will get rank 3) check forum for details, there is a few illegal and legal gangs still without leader so be quick to gain your place.

The server is in English, so if your not English or cant speek English, then I am afraid that you cannot play.

Forum: Vanity Gaming - Powered by vBulletin



•Seatbelt system •Nice prison system •Window system so you can open and close car windows for private chat •Halloween mask added in 24/7 so you can a stranger and players cant see your name •advanced petroll system where garages can run out of fuel if truckers dont deliver any •you can show your id card if a cop or someone wants to see it /sid •you can knockout a player with /knock like tackle but good for rp as you swing a punck and knock them to the floor •Unique Bank carpark system •Unique hospital system •Unique payday system. •Anti hacking script, allowing admins to see speed, hacks, and more. •Trunk storage system to store weapons in your car. •City vault so you can store mats and drugs in large ammounts •over 50 buisness including every bar and petrol garage •over 20 jobs legal and illegal. •unique admin and moderator system. •unique fishing system where u need to buy a 5 hour permet to fish. •fishing stuffs,bait,pole that make the ods of getting the big fish greater. •fishing tournament system so you can compete for the biig cash pot •faction cabinets. •Tons of Fab commands

The list goes on and on go ingame to have a look for yourselve currently close to finishing patch 1.03 so many new fetures when that is done also

Server Rules • roleplay only. • Do not metagame. • Do not powergame. • Do not deathmatch . • Do not revenge kill . • Do not bunnyhop. • Do not spam) • No OOC / ICLY) • Do not drive-by as driver. • Do not rob new players) • This is a RP server, no dming or non rp activities unless an admin says so

Some leader positions and moderator position still open be quick before there gone

Vanity Gaming is the roleplay server to be at be sure to come and say hello to our team and get settled into a unique roleplay experiance.

Thanks [Vincent Zasa]