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#1 10 years ago

hey, how are you all? ok, some of these weapons are hard to find (I go to a german website) but I know guns like dealers know scams. and I also sometimes change the filename so that I can use a weapon a certain way, or I alter the data files to get the right performance... I say screw balance, its my life on the line when chosing a firearm! 9mm= SPP (russian weapon with good accuracy, but its bulky and ugly, but it works good in the right hands) silenced= MK23SD (because this weapon is extremely cool! it performs great, even with subsonic ammo and suppressor, because it was meant to be that way) desert eagle= xxx (I need to change and fix this, I'll let you know when I figure something out, but this one gets confusing because I usually pick this one based on the attitude and style of the use of it) chromegun= xxx (need to change this one too, because I want something that I can see used against me in widespread use) sawnoff= xxx (yeah, I know, gotta fix this one too... but if you know how to tweak stats, you can get some cool stuff with this one... a shotgun you can sprint with! and nobody else has it!) shotgspa= Pancor Jackhammer (cant find a USAS 12, but I got it working the way I like it (sort of)) Tec9= AKs74U (gotta change this one's stance stats, because it's not a one handed smg, its a compact assault rifle) micro-smg= xxx (got some quake weapon in its place that doesnt look right in mass hands) SMG= UMP45 (from a CS pack I found on www.gtainside.com) M4= Halo 2 Battle Rifle (gonna change it because I dont think that the army or the citizens would ever get this thing in their hands. AK47= FN SCAR H (it has some stupid shit on the side of the mag well, but it performs well once I edit the stats. and its a rare enough weapon that it feels right when I hold it and use it against the enemies I make on my runs) cuntgun= xxx (right now I have an air rifle, but I want something that makes more sense for me to have as a scopeless marksman rifle) sniper= FN FAL (if I could use this weapon as a dual purpose weapon, it would be so cool! normally, the FAL is a 7.62x51mm assault rifle like a G3 or M14, but with a scope these are good marksman or sniper rifles.) minigun= PKM (russian lmg from a spetz kit, I made it stay in my hands right). what do you guys use for weapon mods?