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#11 10 years ago

well i like to do vigilante work on the cop car so SOMETIMES (If i cant find a police station nearby) I would call the police to get their car. But I just look on the map for a police station and I can take one without getting any heat or banging it up on the drive away from the cops. Also I guess you could call the fire department to get their fire engine so you can spray people on the streets with the hose that is so fun. lol


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10th November 2006

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#12 10 years ago

I think the whole idea of calling police/ambulance is a neat little gimmick, however I don't really think that it worked out as anything further than that..



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#13 10 years ago

Cops will charge in and kill the bad guys during a mission, you should try it. Call 911 either right before the shooting starts or after, but we ware not to let the cops see you shooting. They will pull up and see the bad guys shooting at you then they attack lol. Its neat as hell having the cops battle for you.

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#14 10 years ago

Yeah they did that twice for me.

The second time was the funniest, since I was on a mission to destroy 5 vans and used a lot of caution. I had blocked the only exit with two cars (at an angle like / and \ to make it harder to push through from their side) and was kneeling behind it, shot some people, walked around the lot and tried shooting some people from a side street and bulets came flying into the street. I was exposed and ran back to the only entrance and suddenly I saw a car I used in the road block rolling past me and though "damn a truck must be rying to escape!" I turned a bit and saw a polce car driving into the lot, past me and two cops got out. THey where fired upon from all sides. One soon died and the other killed a couple of thugs while yelling "Need backup at blablabla street!" . No backup arrived though and the cop eventually went down. I heard him asking for medical assistance (made me laugh and I hoped he would be saved for aiding me), but when I walked a way a bit to take some more thugs and came back he was gone just like all the other bodies and heavilty injured people that were scattered around the pavement....


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#15 10 years ago

i called the cops once, i punched a guy down so he was nearly dead, he was in a dark alleyway so i walk around the other side throw a cocktail at them steal their cars and drive off ^^


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#16 10 years ago

I call 911 when I want a fast car like the police cars :-) Very handy and easy =D

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