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10th February 2004

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#1 10 years ago

Hey there. I wanted to start my own thread about this game. So far I've only heard good things about this game. I'm a gamer. Resounding positive feedback is interesting to me. I want to say I don't trust ANY game review website or publication consistently, and that troubles me but here I see GTA IV pwning all review medias and there seems to be no pauses in the fanfare except every now and then, when I assume people are playing the damn thing and then there is momentary silence.

I am also a PC gamer. I don't do any console games, the most I play is CNC Gold on the N64. Yeah, you heard that right, the before before before [n64 -> gamecube -> Wii] generation. So I'm not much of a die hard fan, little surprise. No Wii or PS3 pr X360 in my living room at home.

I want to know if GTA IV will ever come to PC, and do you think the port will be decent, or no? If it comes to PC, I'll get on the GTA IV boat, but I'm not buying the console just for this one game. I've never played a third-person shooter either, so that's new ground for me too. I'd really like to get into GTA IV.

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#2 10 years ago

Untill now all console releases were followed by a PC release half a year up to a year later. I guess they will do the same again. Wasn't it GTA VC and/or GTA Sa that was released "exclusively" for the PS2? And then it was released for the PC almost a year later... and a large part of the PC gamers share your views (including me) so not releasing a PC version would lose R* a lot of potential additional sales. I prefer the PC version too, so I can mod that is install mods or even customize the game myself) and it allows for other tools such as trainers (spoil the game but can be great to fool around such as setting low gravity or something).

If you haven't played GTA before I suggest that you try out one of the previousb GTA titles such as GTA VC (Vice City) or GTA SA (San Andreas). The feeling of GTA IV lays between those two. GTA SA is a later release and therefor more advanced but it also featured a lot of stuff that were not reintroduced in GTA IV (such as a barber, bicycles, a gym to train your muscles, skill advancment with weapons etc.). But get your hands on either of them and it will give you a good idea what the series is all about and if you like the gameplay it offers. Ofcourse GTA IV features a lot of improvements too and it's the best release so far.

Without going into detail, I agree that all the reviews giving the game a 10/10 or 100% is abit silly. Sure it's a great and fun game but it isn't perfect. It comes close if you take the technical advancedment into mind, the overall game etc. so in my book it earns a 9 or so. Though to objectively say that I would have to play through the whole game to see how good it is, how bad the bugs arem how many bugs there are, which type of bugs, experience with features such as shooting, aiming and hiding etc. But I didn't wrote this post to provide a review about GTA IV so...