GTA IV compared to GTA SA -1 reply

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24th March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

i want to buy me GTA IV, but i have some questions first. 1st question: how big is the map size compared to SA? 2nd question: with features are there wich SA does not have? (except multiplayer features cause i'm not realy interested in MP) 3rd question: wich features does SA have wich are removed in GTA IV (if any) thanks for answering and help



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28th October 2004

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#2 10 years ago

Everything is better about it. The map isnt as big I dont think, but your only playing in a city. And in GTA IV your not pinned down to eating and all that shit, I mean you can eat to heal yourself, but you wont die if you dont eat.

Driving in GTA IV is way different. So be ready for that. Cars and bikes act more real. hit something hard enough and you fly out the window. They redid the aiming, its lots better now. In IV you still can date, and fly a helicopter, and another cool thing is taking taxis wherever you need to go. Theres no flying airplanes at all in IV. No gang turf to fight over.

They added a shit ton of stuff, shows you can go see now, tons more cars, trucks bikes, boats etc. Lots of little things you have to play to notice. I say buy it, you will love it.