Got more RAM for hl2 and it rox -1 reply

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20th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

well i had 512 MB of RAM so i decided to add 256 more MB, so i took out one of the 256 MB sticks and put a 512 MB stick in its spot so now i have 768 or whatever it is. ITS awesome. Now hl2 is reccomended at high settings for model, and texture detail. It feels like i'm playing a new game. Like the new detail on alyx's clothes and dr.kleiner's tie design. It really is cool. I still get a little bit of stuttering like after a loading point, or when a new sound is played but its not that bad. So any1 complaining about really bad performance try throwing some RAM at it. I will soon be going up to 1 gig. Also, i have Farcry and doom 3 which i had to run both at medium, can I run those at medium also? now? I dought i can run doom 3 at ultra but who cares. EDIT: OOPS i just realized i posted this in the wrong section, it is meant for hl2 general discussion PLEASE move it, thankyou.