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#1 13 years ago

I wanted to say I am extremely sorry about the thread I posted asking for a cd-key. Please do not think I am bad, I'll just buy a new game, no biggy, but I am writing this for 1. I am so very sorry, I didn't mean any harm, none at all, and 2. I want to become a News Hound for Hl2 files, and I am afraid that my thread may have threatend that chance. So please, I SWEAR I'll never ask for something like that again, I never thought it was that bad, but now I've learned by lesson. I want to be your friend, not your enemy. Please accept my apology.


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#2 13 years ago

It's not really a problem, and I do completely understand your situation. But the fact I'm afraid still stands that you were asking for a cd-key. And trust me, other people don't really like that, and the thread would completely change in a spam thread. Plus, it was against the rules :P.