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#1 13 years ago

Backseat Moderation

What is a backseat moderation? It's quite simple: Some members feel that they can just post in a thread only to say: - "This should be in the ...... forum" - "This should be closed" - "This thread is spam" - "This should be "insert any moderating decision here"

I appreciate the help, but this has to stop.

Only the Gaming Forums staff has the power and the authority to manage the content and the location of a thread. No one else.

If you're replying to a thread with a relevant reply, then at the end of your post, you're adding "I think this thread is in the wrong forum and should be anywhere", then it's OK. Else, if you have nothing to say in this thread, use the report button. It's made for it.

If the only content of your post is a backseat moderation, then it will be deleted as spam.

If you see a post that requires moderation, report it to me and I'll deal with it ASAP. Just make sure to make a post saying that the issue has been reported by you, so I don't get 20 emails about the same post.

Thank you.

(Thanks to Biggus Dickus and Soviet.Power)