Doom3 vs Halflife2 - HalfLife2 Wins By A Mile -1 reply

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23rd October 2004

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#31 16 years ago

I hope it doesn't take that long! Why is it not here NOW! (j/k)


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22nd August 2002

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#32 16 years ago

I was one of those Doom 3 guys who said that , " way is HL2 gonna be better than D3!" My whole reason, I hated the original Half Life. I only liked the mods that came from it. I've been reading different reviews and the forums lately, since HL2 came out, hearing how great it is, the problems people are having getting it registered, performance problems, etc. I decided what the hell, and last night bought the collectors edition (game comes on a single dvd, free t-shirt, which is pretty cool). I installed it with no problem. Registered it with no problems, and it recommended everthing set to high for my video card. Well, I've been playing it non-stop and let me just say, from being a huge Doom fan (and can't wait for the Classic Doom mod to come out),


The graphics are great in both games, but the human characters in HL2 actually seem real. I forgot a few times they were only a.i. The gameplay and atmosphere of HL2 is great. To be cooped up in a darkened base on Mars makes for good scares and jumpiness, but it got boring real fast. I still like Doom 3 and will play it again. But right now HL2 is my favorite game. Thank You Valve. :bows: It was worth the wait.


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22nd July 2004

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#33 16 years ago

That really means a lot coming from a Doom 3 fan. I had a friend who thought the game would suck and once I got it, I too bought the collectors edition, I couldn't get him off it. I've played both games and I have to say that graphics for performance is way better in HL2. I just beat the game and must say it is the best game ever. Very few games captivate me like HL2 did to keep me playing nonstop, like CoD, Mafia, while Doom 3 got boring real fast. Now I'm working on my mod and playing CSS and must say am waiting for HL3. I hope it comes out soon since they should be using the same engine. I mean there is nothing wrong with source so they should use it for HL3.


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23rd November 2004

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#34 16 years ago

on the graphics side, i don't think i can declare a real preference for one or the other. the physics in hl2 are much better (i didn't know that mars exerted a full 1g in real life...) and the environments are far more open - but doom3 was designed to be claustraphobic... so it's comparing apples and oranges. the movement and facial range in hl2 beats doom3 to a bloody pulp - yeah, doom3 has a lot of character texture detail, but hl2 has that and manages to convey actual expressions, while also synchronizing movements to sound. all the people in doom3 look constipated and talk like they're poorly dubbed. i love both games, over all, but hl2 feels more alive. i didn't really notice a poly-look to either game. i run doom3 at 1600x1200 (max my 17" monitor will support) and ultra graphics detail, and it looks really smooth. of course, hl2 looks just as smooth. both games need some more polish to really feel immersive. too bad gordon doesn't ever get to talk to anyone. that might help - i bet he has a lot of things to say, and probably would benefit from some therapy - especially since he always gets put back in the dark when he's not out smashing things. only area in which doom3 beats hl2 is in the gore/ dismemberment area - at least until the last part of hl2 when you can really slam folks around. if the rest of the game had been that entertaining... i'd probably want to replay it more. so, in closing - i think hl2 is better overall, with a few clear advantages. doesn't even come close to wumpus, though!