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29th May 2004

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#11 16 years ago
mad cow_13Its one of those little things no one cares about, like vladthetemplar's problems with hl2.roll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif

I dont care about you

mad cow_13

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3rd December 2004

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#12 16 years ago
vladtemplarI dont care about you

I dont care about you too.


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20th October 2004

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#13 16 years ago

i always thoguh it was located on the hev suit somewhere

btw vlad nice contriubation 2 this thread, and mad cow, its in the past ocudl we plz try not 2 bring it up


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17th December 2004

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#14 16 years ago

the HEV suit designer had a very close relationship with jesus christ. so whenever the wearer needs some light, all he needs to do is to press "F" and jesus will shine for him

merry christmas


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#15 16 years ago

lmfao lonewolf lol

No from what i heard when gordon puts his mask on there is a flashlight mounted above his head...

and he ahs to wear a helmet... i mean he does go into Radioactive areas... and what will a suit do if he has no helmet... ""radiation in face"" = ""Death""

....yeah, i believe the flashlight is in his helmets forehead area..... considering the light beams Straight from ur face.....

OR he is able to use his eyes as flashlights........ i wish i could do that, wherever i look boom.. the flashlight is there....

yeah im done btw

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