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#161 16 years ago

Ok guys got some possible good news. I think I may have a way to put the OICW back in partially. Right now I am just working on the viewable model, which is the one you see on the ground or in peoples hands, but not yours. This is the easier of the two models to get working again and if this works its just a matter of time before I can get the player model back.

I am very confident in my idea and am sure that while I may not get it to work right away I will very soon. As soon as I get this working I will realease a small mod that will be 100% legal.


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#162 16 years ago

Pay no attention to these pictures, they are for someone else on the board's use.


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#163 16 years ago

Wooooooooooot. I did it. I finally got the fucking model to work in the game. I am genius. You all said it couldn't be done. HAHAHA, I proved them all wrong. I am the man.

But there is still much work to be done...


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#164 16 years ago

Sorry for yet another post, but the admin says I can't edit if the post is over 30 min old. So here are the screenies for the model in the game. As you can tell it is not textured but what you can't see is that the game doesn't work quite right yet. It kind of floats in the middle of the soldier's body. There is still alot of work to go but this is a big step for me. Also on a side note. I downloaded a single player map and noticed something odd about the lighting. I think it may be HDR but I can quite tell. I put to screens side by side of my gun to show you one of the places I notice a differnce. Tell me you think. [color=red]admin edit:[/color] images removed.


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#165 16 years ago

is the gun model UVW mapped ready??? if yes i should get 3dsmax 6 installed again and i could skin it for you :) or atleast try im not sure how my skinning skills are today.... a long time since i skinned something :D

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#166 16 years ago

Rage2Wrath You see, this is the kind of shit that really pisses me off. Are you trying to tell me that you have never d/l even ONE mp3 illegally? If you say no, you are lying, if you yes you are a hypocrite. Also..

MP3= Something that can be bought. IF you d/l someone is loseing moeny. Beta= Cannot be bought. Nobody loses anything if d/l

thing is this m8.

many people have downloaded and continue to download mp3's and other illegal programs. that is not the debate here, but it is something you contiue to bring up. even though people do it, we do not discuss it here on these forums. we do not talk about P2P programs, bit torrent programs, or anything warez or illegal here on the forums.

this post shows me how very little member's of this forum know of the rules, and i HIGHLY suggest you go read the Gaming Forums Guidelines.

if i see any topic related to warez or illegal copies of this game again from any of the member's that were taking part in it, i will ban you from these forums. your lucky your getting a second chance in the first place, because it says right in the guidelines that you will be banned for posting anything related.

this is closed.

(perhaps you should all listen to Fragger next time. He's been around for a while and tends to know what he's talking about).