G-man at black mesa?? -1 reply

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2nd February 2006

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#21 13 years ago

That guy sorta looks like G-man, but I'm pretty sure he's not. I think he IS the third scientist guy from HL1. And that's not G-man near the copter in HL1, its Barney.


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29th January 2006

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#22 13 years ago

there were actually 4 scientist models besides gordon in hl1. as far as the picture goes, you'll notice that at least the faces are copied from the scientist models from hl1 except for maybe the gordon face. g-man from hl1 looks quite a bit different from the g-man model in hl2. the guy in the picture looks a bit like the g-man from hl2 but it's not g-man. it's just one of gordon's fellow scientists from black mesa.

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5th January 2006

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#23 13 years ago

I only remember the black guy, the balding white haired scientists, and the black haired greying on the side guy... which other is there?


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#24 9 years ago

now as far as this slick guy goes i aint got shit. But i did notice that the three letters in the lower left corner spell A.M.G. backwards... GMA one more letter GMAN BO0oMZoRz!!111 now this would make sense if gman was a consience or psycological hallucination. or a ghost... as far as i know who the hell is g man other then a wierd guy seen throughout the games?