HL2 too short? -1 reply

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7th November 2003

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#21 16 years ago

Got it, thanks. Like I said, I got to the last boss, then got bored and stoped playing it. Its just the last boss.


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12th February 2004

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#22 16 years ago

Meh. I never did opfor either, now did i beet the nihilanth in HL1. thats why i got the collector's edition.

i thought hl2 was too short, the 1st 80% i always thought "when's this gonna end?" then i didn't want it to, but the last part was like ***BOOM*** Game OVER - THE END - GOODBYE

It really annoyed me that there was no big bad dude at the end that was any challenge.... also a lot of the monsters you see in the end sequence weren't in the game as enemies.


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1st October 2004

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#23 16 years ago

I haven't played the game, but I don't think it is short especailly if you are trying to have fun with the graphics, veichles, physics, mods, and .....


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20th April 2004

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#24 16 years ago

I REALLY hate the G-Man. He's an ass.

I don't think HL2 was too short, although it would have been cool if it went for a bit longer! I voted for too short for that reason...


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20th September 2004

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#25 16 years ago

hl2 wasnt short at all, it took me about 4 days to beat, and every day i would play like 5 hours, so thats 20 hours. But also i didnt really even play with the physics that much, or loook for any secrets or anything like that, but i thought it was a pretty long game. Doom 3's secret of making the game long was adding hours and hours of labs that look alike that get you incredibly bored to add more minutes to the gameplay. Halo just copied and pasted levels (library). And i have no idea what you are talking about, it took me a day to bead CoD:UO, half life 2 is atleast 3x longer than CoD:UO. But hl2 was always changing and keeping me interested, and the rides thru the citadel were awesome, in the little coffin thing.


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#26 16 years ago

I thought Half Life 2 was a very well thought out game. It just had an ending that was not to my liking. I wish they did have a better beginning or that they would come out with Half Life 3 soon. I am dying to know the endding.

The game was just right.