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7th June 2003

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#1 13 years ago

As some of you already know, HL2Files.com now has 2 Half-Life 2 Death Match Servers. One from the USA, and the other server from the Netherlands. This way, people can choose the server which mostly benefit from their ping. The details shall be shown below:

The first server has been kindly provided by DS-GameSolutions.com, server IP is The server is located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). So mostly all European people will have a good ping in this server. The server itself is using Metamod: Source v1.3, and BAT Admin plugin manage the admins. It also includes some features such as votemap, timeleft, and nextmap.

The second server has been provided by GameServers.com, server IP is Thanks to them, we got a second server which is located in the USA (New York / New Jersey). So for the USA players, I'm perfectly sure you'll have a good ping in this server. This server is also using Metamod: Source v1.3, and BAT Admin plugin.

If you have any idea's, suggestions, complaints, or wanting to have some plugins on these servers that you have in mind or even maps you want me to add on the server. Then please reply below or email [email]Skyrid3r@gmail.com[/email].

Regards, Skyrider