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23rd January 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Everyone here (or most everyone) knows about the HL2 Mod Insurgency Mod (INS). It's fun, it's fast paced, and it's buggy as hell.

A mod under construction for 2 years is of course going to be something the team has pride in, but shouldn't be blind trophy waving.

The mod team has began writing a new rule system since criticism was offered towards their patch. Months overdue, many bugs not touched upon, and overall just graphical and UI tweaks instead of Game breaking bug fixes.

The mod has also gone from one to admire for their skill, to just another group of twelve year olds on the computer.

INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat

They are now banning all criticism from their forums and News posts. If you aren't praising their mod or sucking up to them- out you go. While yes it is their forums, this shows them to have no character or ability to take criticism. As the director of ILM will tell you "I'll take a no talent hack who listens well over a stuck up Picasso any day of the week."

A Mod is your resume. When working for a game company the game can look like crap for numbers of reasons that aren't your fault. Low budget, time constraints, bad art directions, Business end wanting un-artistic/damaging changes done to the game... really lots of things. When you release a mod you have infinite time with an infinite budget. When you release a mod that is half-assed and buggy it means "This is my work, I don't care about it and don't care if it's done well or not". Would you hire this person to work for your development team at valve? Would you hire this person to make your BURGER at McDonalds?

No you wouldn't (I would hope you wouldn't) you would want people who were willing to put their best work forward, and when it could be improved be able to take criticism and work with it, not roll on the floor screaming "NO NO NO I MADE THE MOD IT'S GREAT YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT"

I would be ashamed to be on that Mod team right now.

(And yes I have been on a mod team, made textures, maps, models, rigged, and animated. This thread isn't about me, it is about what was supposed to be the greatest mod team for Source becoming a shame on serious mod makers who can take criticism)