New higher-res version of the Combine soldier_stripped model in Ep. 1 -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

Some of you who explored the materials/models of Episode with VTF explorer (or any other kind of program) probably found this as well, but I just thought it was interesting and decided to post here for everyone to see. Since I extracted Fakefactory's Ep. 1 pre-release I thought it could have been added by it, but it was already in vanilla Ep. 1 as I checked. soldierstripped9ux.jpg

I actually don't remember seeing a model of the soldier_stripped in Ep. 1 anywhere so why the higher res skin? :confused: I also thought that Valve could've used a messed face version of the soldier_stripped face skin for the Zombines (the zombie/combine mixed sound they make is great btw :D ) instead of having half of the skull (probably the headcrabs stuck harder to the Combines' heads because of their helmets or something heh).