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#1 16 years ago

From what I can tell, only one player can save games in HL2. If someone else wants to play, it will eventualy save over the string of saves and autosaves. I discovered this after my son started a new game and eventualy saved over my 3 days worth of playing. If this is true, then thats just WEAK! For an otherwise awesome game, what would it take to be able to save multiple profiles?! Not much.


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#2 16 years ago

Yea I noticed this as well and thought the same. This is something they could easily patch but I doubt its high on their priority list. It should have been implemented in the first place. For the time being about all multiple users can do is manually put your saved game files in a seperate folder every time your done playing which is a pain. Or you could simply buy a copy of the game for every member in your family. I think maybe this is what they were hoping for. :uhm: