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#1 16 years ago

I’m Dan, the director and project leader for the Spin City 17 comedy series. We’ve recently started filming the series (yes, a bit late, we caught on some snags), and we’ve found it not to be as easy as we thought. So, we’re looking for a scripter or scripters who are comfortable and experienced (and I mean very experienced) with Face Poser, Hammer, and any other tools needed to script dialogue scenes for Half-Life 2. You will need to be able to, at least:

  • Script movement
  • Make people shoot
  • Change camera positions
  • Script facial movements

Some references or proof of experience would be very much appreciated, and you will not be accepted if you cannot prove in any way your ability. If you are accepted you will get full credit for your work and put onto the team list at Silver Ferret productions ( If you are interested, please email all your info to [email=""][/email]. Cheers, Daniel Hough Silver Ferret Productions