The truth about the Combine.....Are they Really Evil, or are We? -1 reply

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8th December 2005

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#101 12 years ago

hmmm very interesting...and a good point,to theis id first like to point out im 14,going into grade 10,have a fucked up veiw on the world (in summary i believe that without strict leadership and death,this world would be shit),and live in canada,happyhappyjoyjoy.Oh and i only read the 1st page,start of 2nd and end on 4th.

Ok now for my veiw, what the combines are doing heavily remends me of Stalin and the USSR during the great purge,think about it,opress the people,slaughter and brainwash em and theyll do w/e u want em to out of fear. And what Stalin did was a very smart thing for his purposes. Basically the combine are doing what we do,use insuperior races for our needs and suck up w/e we can that will help us.

What makes the combines worse than us is the fact that they literally leech off of other things,humans are still very independant if we want to be,combines are not. They take as msuch as they can and move on, but what are we to say there aren't 'good' combines on thier home planet,like out hippys.cept hippys deserve to die alongside emos and scientologists.

Really the combines main mistake was taking on a cizilization that is as sdvanced as they are(not technology wise,mentaly wise).We have jsut as much if not more potential then them and once they attack we arent stupid enough to stand by and watch it,our nature is to fight back.

Ya for me...argue all you like,im gonna watch this forum now :D,i like debates


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20th November 2005

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#102 12 years ago


Personally.. i believe Valve made a mistake here.. From what i've seen in HL2 the combine use biological weapons to attack us... example.. The strider.. the gunship.. Headcrabs.. Those frog like things in the Citadel..

Those "biological" creatures are prone to mistakes.. like humans..

We on the other hand depend on machines.. AI etc... Like a Tank.. an Aircraft.. etc..

Our Inventions are more technological then theirs because ours were built from scratch from our brains... the Combine just Caught some animals and forced them to obey orders...

So.. if you look at it that way, we are more advanced.. the only thing the combine had better then us where the Teleports..

I believe the human race would have won that war.. we have THOUSANDS of tanks... China, Russia, etc have THOUSANDS of tanks.., Millions of soldiers.. and Billions of Ammo...

We have so much firepower on this earth its crazy... and for a Race to jump down and take over the WHOLE WORLD "which is a big place" in 7 hours?

Hard to believe... but of course.. its only a game lol