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#1 16 years ago

sup guys, I'm new to your forums and I have a question for you all:

what were those defining moments in the game that just made you smile and realize how awesome of a game it is (plz no spoilers after dark doom 3 area)

mine were: when you first stepped outside and witnissed the the vast beautifully detailed area, when ur in the apartment building and all the civilians help u while other evenss are going on around u (the room getting raided etc.), the teleport gone wrong, when u finaly arrive at alyx's location and u are going down the elevator witnissing all the aliens on different floors doing stuff, and finaly about where i am, when u enter the area thats dark like doom 3 (forget what it's called) the one where the bloody torso is hanging. damn i luv this game :)

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#2 16 years ago

3 manhacks that I never heard or saw coming, seriously scaring the shiznit out of me and making me shiver! No other game then HL1 (but not as much as HL2) does those kind of things to me :)

I also loved playing around with the magnet-crane during the buggy riding levels, just swinging containers around etc. sheer fun, same with playing around with the gravity gun! Guiding the antlions with the little ball thingie is also awesome!

So far in HL2, every 'scene' / fight I've come into is unique, nothing is repetitive, just brilliant!

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