Was Half-Life 2 ahead of it's time? 1 reply

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#1 2 years ago

I've been going back to some old games, since my Surface can't play newer games really, and one of those is HL2.

To me, I think it still looks amazing graphically, the water effects, lighting, atmosphere of the game. Amazingly though is just how well it runs even on really low end hardware. I always find it interesting when developers get the most out of their graphics and physics etc. while using as little hardware as possible.

Is it fair to say HL2 was ahead of it's time in this regard? I remember being super impressed by it's graphics even back in 2004 or whatever it was, and it still holds up today. I know the engine has had updates since then but even so.

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#2 2 years ago

I didn't play HL2 back in the day but I saw others playing it and I played the HL2 demo. Yeah, it was incredibly well-optimized. Even now the faces and facial animations look better than a lot of modern games. Things like vegetation and terrain complexity were pretty lacking when compared to something like Far Cry (also a 2004 release), but it also didn't require a monster of a computer to look great and run great. 

I think the physics implementation of that game is still seems superior to a lot of modern games as well. Granted, there are few games that emphasize physics in the way that HL2 did.

I still have to play through HL2 sometime. Last time I tried to play it, I was getting intermittent 2-3 second complete pauses. Was enough of an annoyance for me to quit playing after a couple hours. Maybe there is a fix for that though...