Halo 2? Letdown? -1 reply

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30th June 2003

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#131 16 years ago

Well, I've heard people that have beaten the entire game on Legendary and they say there is nothing new like in Halo 1, except a date in the credits.

And General_War, what is your problem?, I wasn't making fun of you or anything, I was meerly stating what the ending was on all difficulty levels. Dont get so agitated.



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29th December 2004

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#132 16 years ago

To hell with spoiler tags - let them know how the story splits. Well, Earth is just about destroyed in the course of Halo 2 - or at least New Mombasa, totaled in the slipspace rupture created by the Prophet's starship in the city's vicinity. Sadly, my Xbox isn't in the proximity of a CAT-5 cable, so I have to buy myself an expensive Linksys wireless transmitter for my wireless router (and get a major credit card number that I can cancel before the 2 month trial expires) to try out XBL, but I'll critique it when possible. Anyway, I think Coagulation's bases are far better than the original Blood Gulch's, but the rest of BG should have stayed along with the daylight replaced by annoying twilight in Coagulation. EDIT: Anyone want to guess when Cortana is picked up from High Charity, or will the smart AI lifetime's end kick in?


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7th January 2005

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#133 16 years ago

In general, it was awesome, better than the first. The storyline was a little hard to follow in places because the voices were hard to hear... I had no idea what that big green monster guy with the huge mouth was all about...... I couldn't understand a word he said... other than that I liked all the maps, the variety of weapons and monsters, and some of the dialogue. I was definitely satisified with it. Played it till the end. Was never bored or angry or anything.