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30th June 2003

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#21 16 years ago

glitchdudecrazy,fun,fast game

10-16 player, the more the better

all vehicles are warthogs, no banshees

no guns on map, no secendary weapon,no gernades,primary weapon is pistol

level: coagulation

tell everyone there is no shootin unless you are a warthog gunner or in the side of a warthog, its teams not every man for themselves and no melee attacks. the vehicles should respawn pretty quickly. not everyone on your team will be in a vehicle so if your not try to take over some one elses.

That sounds oddly familiar.... oh yeah Its alot like a game mode some US Army soldiers in Iraq or Kuwait (I cant remember) disscribed in an interview with Bungie, before Halo 2 came out.

Ah, here is the article: Here is the quote from the article:

Also we enjoyed 4 on 4 in but the most favorite of all near the end was a game we made up called "Vehicle Wars" it is played in the box canyon and the rules are pretty simple. If you are in a vehicle you can only run over people on the ground or ram other vehicles, the only allowed vehicle to vehicle fire that is from the passenger seat of the wart hog against another vehicle with the rocket launcher. If you are on the ground you can engage people in the vehicles but it was a good idea to get in a vehicle to improve your chances.

Similar idea, but not exacly the same.

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26th August 2004

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#22 16 years ago

Yeah, I see what you mean. That game dosen't sound Fast, but it does sound a little fun.


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#23 16 years ago

I would put the enrgy sword on also Just so the guy riding shotgun could get out and Fly across the map. I would also turn on Spectors instead of Warthogs, since they could hold an extra person.