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#41 16 years ago

::Sigh.:: o_o I can help to what is probably going to happen in Halo 3, and what you guys are talking about...

Gravemind is not a forerunner. If you had listened to guilty spark, he said that they "died, as planned".

The Prophet Of Regret, instead of dieing, was taken and revived by gravemind, to be forever imprisoned and questioned. So was the other Oracle.

The flood, I think, we created by gravemind. He then released them on the forerunners. The forerunners built the rings, lured the flood into them, and they were forever locked away. Then, the forerunners activated the rings at the ark, where they and the rest of living things that were or could be hosts for the flood, died.

The ark is a big mystery...Only the Prophet of Truth knows, so you'll have to wait until Halo 3, my best guess would be...o_o Dunno.

There is MUCH MORE they can do and will do ( as I found out, hee hee :D.) to make Halo 3 longer...Hate to break it to you, but..There are seven rings. If you were expecting halo 3 to end the series, you're stoopid. There's probably going to be a 4, 5, 6, and 7, cause they don't wanna rush this. A seperate game for a seperate ring.

The cool part is that The Elites and grunts might be on your side, and you'll fight the brutes, jackles, flood, and the new enemies that are gonna be made. Also heard flamethrower was finally going to be added :D! The other weapons and extras I heard about were: dual wield capability of rocket launcher and energy sword, but probably not ;/. assault rifle may come back. A "minigun" might come into the mix as well. The shadow vehicle is gonna be drivable :D w00t! That's all I could dig up :(.

Anyway, Gravemind owns your l33t noob azz :O!

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#42 16 years ago

Dual weilding Rocket launchers would be crap because what are 2 rockets gunna do that 1 can't do, I mean lets keep things serious. Dual Swords would be ok, but then again like I said with the rocket launcher. However the FlameThrower would make my day, because im a pyro and love watching things burn and setting them on fire(roflmao:lol: I would pay to watch a Brute or Grunt burn!). Minigun:tommygun: would come in handy when your being ambushed buy brutes and flood but Master Cheif would have to move slower and walk like he wet himself to make it look more realistic.


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#43 16 years ago

This thread has gone tottaly off topic people GRVEMIND remeber?


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