02/10/07 Latest Bungie Update: New weapon and other stuff -1 reply

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26th April 2004

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#1 12 years ago


BungieTom Doyle, 3D artist and Street Fighter cheapster extraordinaire, is finishing up work on a new weapon – a weapon which had previously consisted of a bent green box. That was the placeholder graphic. The new version is no longer a bent green box, and frankly is unlike any other Halo weapon ever, both in aesthetic influence and a couple of other ways I can’t go into yet. However, I have to say, it still looks “correct” to the universe and perhaps more importantly, it looks scary and powerful.[/QUOTE] Meh, Bungie's good at keeping ya guessing. :banghead:
BungieAnd an old weapon looks significantly more powerful now, thanks to a couple of new animation and graphic effects. The trusty rocket launcher now features a fiery blowback from the exhaust port, and an accompanying Spartan animation that you’ll enjoy watching (or not) in Multiplayer games. It looks cool, as hot exhausts spews out in a cloud of flame, followed by wispy smoke. A subtle touch, but an important one – much like the inclusion of moving vegetation I just spotted in an early Campaign level – walk through a low-lying leafy plant and have it react physically to your presence. Radness.

Oh yeah, the rocket will be fearsome looking as it is deadly!

Leaves move to your presence, teh graphics are gonna rock! :bows: [QUOTE=Bungie]Actually, we asked Jen what she thought of the “new” state of Cortana in Halo 3 and she said, “There’s a lot more drama and a lot less technical jargon this time around. I actually just finished a couple of lines that nearly had me in tears. For an actor, more drama is always good.”

Had her in tears? What the heck happens?! (And I wonder how many a Halo player will cry too). Man, it just irks me to have to wait for this game, I WANT IT NOW!!!11!!!1! :p


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#2 12 years ago

the rocket launcher and the environmental action/reaction sounds sweet! but as for the crying? drama?! .....I get that sketchy feeling when more drama comes in. Either way, I already paid for my legendary edition! w00000t!


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#3 12 years ago

This would've been on halo2files already if not for the Ops downtime. Glad to see it got posted here though, keeps people informed ^_^


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#4 12 years ago

I like the blowback idea. By all acounts H3 seems to be panning out to be a lot more realistic that the other 2. Both graphically and gameplayily. When I say realistic, I mean as realistic as is possible to be with halo... Again, the story looks as if it will be amazing to. I can't wait to find out what it is. I may just have to stay at my friend's for a couple of days after he gets it and play through the whole thing...