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22nd July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Ok, for the last couple days I have been making a list of things i want in halo 3. See if you agree Weapons classic assult rifle- Battle rifle rocks but bring back the original. Battle rifle- no changes shotgun- faster reload speed, also make it have a faster fireing speed (the flood wait on no man) rocket launcher- its ok, make the rockets faster. smg- make it more precise, slow it down a little magnum- put a scope on it sniper rifle- bring back the night vizion on the scope. in campain mods take of the tracer trail frag grenades- be able to hold more then 4. plasma pistol- not much to complain about plasma rifle- increase accuracy, make it impossible to overheat needler-make it more like the halo 1 build carbine- awsome!!! favorite covy weapon leave it the same beam rifle- hmmmm. this weapon is a pain in the @#$ give or take i dont care brute shot- make it hold more grenades, make the grenades it shoots stick so they can stick to walls and enimes energy sword- no changes.... possiblt take out lunge plasma grenade- leave it the same, be able to hold more grenades fule rod cannon- make it battery powerd like in halo pc My Weapons havoc mine- a little mine that causes uber damge and has an uber blast radius combat knife-self explanitory turrents- be able to pick up and move portible turrents weapon ripping- this is kinda weird but, say you need a weapon and ther's a ghost near you boom! rip off its plasma cannons. Or take a rule rod cannon off a hunters arm plasma edge- a plasma shot gun, like the 1st red rifle in jak 2 surroundings- like a metal pole or somthing, great way to save ammo Armor upgrades health bar- why the took it away is a mystery armor ripping- again say that there is a jet pack eliet pick it up rip off its jet pack and put it on you motion traker- make allies green, covey red, flood yellow squad options- like star wars commander make mariens stay at a location and tell them to snipe or stay still. i mean you cant sneak up on anything acitive camo- make the big mc have active camo like the arbiter and upgrade the arbiter Vehilces warthogs-leave both hogs the same mongoose- add the mongoose. make it able to shoot one handed weapons over the front and to the sides g.t.a style scorpion tank-leave it the same.... does that thing ever run out of ammo? pelican- make it drivable, use it so that in multiplayer in the levels that are really big you can deploy them where you want to longsword- fliable fighter from usnc possibly for space battles;) ghost- make its boost faster and add a fule rod to it specter-take it out or change it. wraith- take out boost and add secondary fire in campain banshee-make plasma cannons fire faster, make boost faster phantom make it usable for space battles Gameplay upgrades realistic injury- if your shield are down and you get shot in the leg make it so you limp or somthin load out options- if its a mission where you get deployed by a dropship make so that you can choose what weapons you start with. armor upgrades- what ever bungie has in store for us make it so that we can chose what to put in our armor in multiplayer. i.e sniper may want a vision inhansment while close range people may want a speed inhansment bloody visor- when you melee somthing make it so that its blood get's on your visor, that would also be cool to see one of those tiny flood things do that too These are just idead but plese tell me what you guys think:) :) :)

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