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22nd September 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I thought it was a little to short like the Halo 2 campaign, but alot of fun like the Halo 1 campaign, especially when escaping the new Halo.

I wasn't expecting it to be based mostly in Africa though.

Your thoughts?


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#2 13 years ago

*WARNING SPOILERS* I thought that the campaign was probably the most enjoyable one out of all of them. I was happy to see that they included each type of terrain area like snow, forest, desert, city, citadels, underground. The only one they didn't have was a space scenario like in the first one but hey i think they did an excellent job with the campaign and i'll probable enjoy it more than multiplayer or online. Some quarrels i had with the campaign was that when you compare it to the other campaigns in the other two it's actauly, i think, shorter. Favorite things that they added: Flood infection: Watching the flood take over dead bodies around you and seeing there numbers swell is extremely awesome and jsut watching the transformation is just extroadinarily awesome, i've even left some flood alive jsut to watch them infect other bodies, although i was quite dissappointed that there was still no grunt flood. Napalm Grenades: Probably one of my favorite types of grenades, them and the spiker grenades. These can be use'd to take down almost any type of creature and although there extremely rare they are the strongest types of grenades. "Wondering through truths citadel armed with an assault rifle and 2 napalm grenades. Slowly you turn a corner and see a skittish creature morphed by the flood... But wait! What's this? It seems to be moving oddly, it seems to be growing! It turns into a huge bulky creature immune to your puny little assault rifle as you burst off rounds at its chest, shoulders, and arms. You think nothing can stop this beast, but wait, you have some napalm grenades on you. You jump in the air, over the beast as it charges after you and land on a ledge, you throw the grenade and watch the creature engulfed in flames and incinerated by the burning embers. with a sigh of relief you turn back. Until you hear the faint squemish sound of more flood from behind... You turn around and see the same beast you've just slain rise back up and turn to you." Yes... This game is that sweet. Bloom: The proportion of bloom in this game is nearly 100% perfect and i'd say is the best example of bloom in a game to date. Theater: Watching all of your recently played campaign missions is fun, taking screenshots of awesome events and what not. Taking screenshots of online battles to save your glorious moments is even better.... But how about taking footage and remixing it into a video... that's what i thought you said. F***ING AWESOME! Damage: I think that this game has the best damage ratios out of all of the halo games to date, and even though i'm a little PO'd at them for reducing the assault rifles amount of ammo it holds i'm also glad that they greatly increased the accuracy of it. The damge ratio's were just right so you were never really up against any OMG I CAN'T KILL THAT MANY OF THOSE SUPER BEASTS ALL AT ONCE, much like in halo 2 with the original brutes who always had there temper tantrums and beat your ass down. And yes, the melee immune flood are no longer immune to melee and it's actualy quite possible to take them down with 1-2 hits from the butt of your gun. I will admit that there still are some of those types of monsters like the captain brutes with the gravity hammers and the huge hulk flood, but they made it easier to dodge there killer attacks, and even if you got hit by one of there major attacks you'll still probably be alive if you have full shield. So yea, either this one or the first HALO was my favorite one yet. And with the upcoming "Peterjacksons halo project" who knows what bungie will have in store for us.