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#1 13 years ago

Now that Halo 3 has been announced (admitted) it can have it's own separate forum for it. I hope you all have fun discussing Halo 3.

Some general rules:

  • 1. Read the FAQ! The FAQ contains all the general rules for posting and behavior.
  • 2. Spoilers. If you are going to post something that it part of the halo 3 story please in close it in spoiler tags [HTML]
Spoiler: Show
your halo 3 spoiler here

[/HTML] It looks like this:

Spoiler: Show
In Halo 3 Sgt. Johnson sprouts wings!
3. Spamming. I know you are all hyped up about this game, but please use some restraint when posting. I would appreciate if if your posts are more than one line long and contain as few Internet speak words as possible.

This will be updated in the future.

  • Update: I have been seeing a lot of one stance threads like "Well what do you think the achievements will be?" as the entire first post. These threads will be closed or edited if you do not place considerable effort into the topic.

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