What new abilities will the Master Chief Have? -1 reply

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11th May 2006

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#101 12 years ago

Well, yeah, that's what I meant. I know that it can stay on, but only when it is dark (Halo 2).

WTF? Does the suit have a UV sensor or something (probably does, actually)? So it turns off the flashlight (which might drain the suit if left on for 20 years straight) if it doesn't need to be on? Lame.... There were times, in Halo 2, where I would be in a dark room and want to use the flashlight only to have to turn it BACK ON every four seconds....


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7th August 2006

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#102 12 years ago

i agree the flash light needs to stay on a little longer like halo 1 but i dont think that u should be in a dark room for a long time beacuse your trying to beat the level so theres no piont.