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30th June 2004

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#1 13 years ago

The 1st monthly 3 Day War tournement has been completed, and the August tournement is in the planning stages. Although the tourny is open to the general public, clan members have the distinguished honor of having their names posted on a forum of the chairmans choice, plus the option to be alerted to matchs. Any skill level is accepted, but there are several rules: 1. Maintain a sportsmanlike attitude. Cursing the oppisition and using offensive launguage to "smack-talk" the losing team is illegal. 2. Modding of any kind is illegal. Not only will it ban you from the tourny, but all active party and clan members will be instructed to leave negative feedback and/or contact Anti-cheating sites for you. That including standbying. 3. Exploiting gliches such as the Guardian Glitch and "superjumping" is illegal and will earn you a boot from the tourny. 4. Betraying teammates on purpose is illegal, and if a staff member is alerted to this, the perp will be booted from the tourny. 5. Try not to teabag. It's quite disturbing. As long as you follow those rules, you'll be in good standing with the staff. Lt Underground, 3 Day War clan