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I am Brigadier General Brainster, Commanding Officer of the Force Brigade. We are newly re-opened, mostly relaxed, and follow a very organized military structure with ranks. The clan site has just gone active again after being closed for a week to renovate, but after making many changes we are open again.

You might be obviously thinking, "Why would I want to join with this clan?"

Well, the reasons are fairly simple. We have an actual site, at, where you would be able to attain a rank suitable to your skill, based purely on maturity and leadership ability, as well as site activity. We offer the ability to create your own battalion, and manage your battalion members from our organized site and forums. It would give you a place to lead your own unit, hang out and post around, get to know other people, and easily get info on upcoming battles and clan functions. You would get to choose what ranks each of your members get, but you would have to follow our current ranks, consisting of:

Private Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Master Sergeant First Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General

We have avatars with each rank image set up, so that the high command is in complete control of which rank appears in every members post on the site.

We also have a simple organized structure and chain-of-command, based mainly on this system:

4 members to a Fireteam 2 Fireteams to a Squad 2 Squads to a Platoon 2 Platoons to a Company 2+ Companies to a Battalion

Of course, since it is Force Brigade, we plan on being comprised of many Battalions.

The ranks of Brigadier General and Colonel are off limits, as I am the only Brigadier General and CO of the Brigade, and Colonel Bann is the only Colonel and XO of the Brigade. Until we come to a time where we have more then enough members to create a whole new brigade, our ranks will not change.

The current battalion that you will be placed in is the 208th Airborne Battalion, and until we come to a time where another battalion is necessary, that is the battalion that you would remain in for your career in the Brigade.

If you are interested in what else the Brigade has to offer, we have various medals for our members to achieve and have shown in every post. Among these are our various Combat Medals, Service Awards, Brigade Medals, and Training Awards, such as:

Gold Star: Achieve an Invincible (30 kills without a death) in a clan match or an inner-brigade scrimmage.
Company Staff Member: You are now either a Company CO or Company XO, meaning you've attained the rank of 1st Lieutenant or Captain. You are now getting into the higher officer ranks, and, at the company's maximum, command a unit of 46. Getting into the bigger leagues, now. You have obviously shown some leadership ability, and the Staff has their eye on you for future leadership positions. -Replaces Platoon Leader Medal
Medal of Honor: Perform a great act of duty or sacrifice for the Brigade. Show your utmost loyalty, and impress your superiors and all your peers. To receive this medal, all of Brigade Staff must unanimously agree that it is deserved. The greatest medal to be achieved.

As well as other medals for going through some of our fun and teamwork-based training courses.

If you are vaguely interested, please respond back, or visit

Thank you,

Brigadier General Brainster Commanding Officer of Force Brigade