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Have you ever wanted to join a clan with a true and stable command structure? Have you ever wanted to join a clan where you can one day become an honored soldier of a marvelous and large clan? Then look nomore, you have officially found the right clan for yourself to serve in.

Our site link: www.freewebs.com/galacticteensclan/

What is the Galactic Federation?:

We are a large and sucessful Sci-Fi-Based clan that has thrived for over a year now. We believe in the true principles in gaming, aswell as the true principles of Courage, Honor, and Disipline. And of course, we believe in the True name of having fun.

What games does GF play?:

Currently we are playing and Recruiting in the following games listed below:

Star Trek Armada II Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Star Trek Elite Force II Star Trek Bridge Commander (KM 0.9.1 ONLY) Star Trek Starfleet Command III Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Republic Commando Halo Halo: Custom Edition

And Star Trek Legacy

Do I have a chance in becoming a sucessful soldier in GF?:

Every person who joins us brings GF just one step up in making this clan a bigger and better place to play and have Fun in. Any person who joins [-GF-] will someday play an Important role of a department, or posssibly of the entire clan itself if he or she has the right material of doing an important job as part of our clan, if they prove themselves as very capable and willing members. We have many senior members who have great experience at clanning and are also willing to help you develop leadership, gaming skills, diplomacy, or anything else that you require assistance with related to GF. We are a Sci-Fi only clan and are always open to expand into many new Science Fiction Based games.

How can I join the Galactic Federation?:

To join us, you must sign an application. You can do this by going to our site and clicking "Enlist", or go to the folliwing link:


Please note that you MUST agree to the Terms on the Application before submitting it.

After you have submitted the application, please register on our forum:


After you have done that, post your "OATH" in our "Oaths Forum", please note that you must copy and paste the following lines below into your oath:

To post a Oath to GF, post in a new topic of the following below:

I, (Your Name), do pledge allegiance to the Galactic Federation. To serve and protect my friends and fellows against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to carry out all lawful orders, and to follow and respect all provisions of the Galactic Federation Code of Conduct and other policies for as long as I remain a member of this clan.

All other information you will need is located on our site. Join the Finest. Join the Galactic Federation Today! You will not regret it, soldier.