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#1 10 years ago

hey all i am Alex Dimitrakakis Leader & Crater of the 'Legendary Empire' and as you can see we are recruiting. We Have 35 + Members And We Need More. We Are A Division That Only Plays On Halo v1.04, v1.07 & Custom Edition any other versions of Halo will not be recruited into here so if you want you can update your version of halo to v1.07 by doing this

-Go To Where You Installed Halo -Double Click On haloupdate.exe -Download The update -Click "Install" once downloaded -Finish

if you want the fixture to play halo v1.04 and v1.07 please go to our site down the bottom | | | V V V

This is what we can offer you -DS: -L§- Clan Server#Public Server On 24/7 -The Legendary Empire Is A Multi-Cultural Empire Because The Empire Is Proudly Australian Own And As You Know Australia's A Multi-Cultural Country -If Racism Occurs It Will Be Dealt With Automatically We Have 4 Paths The Prophets, The Spartan Path, The Covenant Path, Trial Period -We Provide A Friendly Environment For Players -We Have A Currently Got A Division Forum -Some Of The Finest Leaders And People To Help You If You Need It & Much Much More -Our Own Clan Modder And Map Maker Will Have A Fresh Map For You Everyday (Need Halo Custom Edition For It) Also If You Like Other Games Besides Halo Please Visit Out Other Forums If You Are Intressed -Halo Combat Evolved: -L§- Halo I Division Site. - Home Server: Pending -Jedi Knight Academy: {LK} JKA Division Site. - Home Server: 1 Week Time -Counter-Strike 1.6 X Not Active Yet But Soon :) CS: 1.6 Division Site. - Home Server Pending If You Want Even More Information Go To -www.xfire.com/clans & Search "Legendary Empire" Thank You 4 Taking Your Time On Reading This -Well Wisher Alex Dimitrakakis