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Hello all this Omni-Gamings leader. Let me tell you about Omni-Gaming. Omni-Gaming is a organization of multiple games that we play as a team. For FPS games we will be named [TRM] The Raging Monkeys, and for MMORPG's we will be named GoA, Guardians of Asgard.Now let me get back on topic. OG has a Halo 2 division which we are currently recruiting for. We are a new organization and hope for good things to come out of this organization.We are becomming more organized each day. So if you wanna join the Halo 2 Clan division just go to check out our forums, and go to Clan it up if you wanna Join the FPS section,when your signing up state what division you would like to enlist in. And if there's any other game you might wanna play go ahead enlist in that division.Thanks, and Hope you join our Organization! =D

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Your homepage is a Forum?